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IF you would like to forever stay on a WoW Classic server
« en: 19 de Abril de 2019, 02:48:00 »
All this talk of ranking system and PVP benefits in wow classic gold  the BWL timeline, y’all are denying that the position system was out for a long time, but the first gear was fairly crap for  the top rankings. I recall farming to position 11 only for the mounts and then stopping for this, then a month or two later the patch dropped together with all the GOOD gear at top ranks, after which I was sad because I'd dropped down to position 6 again.I want them to place all BGs in from the beginning and simply not having the rep or honor system until afterwards. I dont think holding the content back just for the sake of staggering it with raids makes sense. If you choose the honour system, rep and actually just the equipment from it, then balancing isnt a problem and its just more content in classic from the start.

I believe there's a massive demand for TBC servers, Vanilla servers are much more popular due to the fact that they are so publicised, there is not many decent tbc servers, even if there was then we'd see more of a demand. I for one, would play TBC over Vanilla, I loved Vanilla, I invested countless ingame days through both Vanilla back in 2004 and currently over personal servers, but nothing will conquer TBC made me sense, like Wrath, which are the icing on the cake, but we will see how it goes. I also concur that the Vanilla servers should roll into TBC, feels more innovative, you get to maintain the character you have spent hundreds of hours . Personally, if I cap 60, advancement through all of the raids, then have to re-level, I am probably not going to like it, I loved the TBC launching, the quantity of pvp that went on in Hellfire Peninsula due to every 60 on this host being squeezed into one zone, it had been great, it was horrible to level in although it was so much fun pvp wise.

You guys talked about what's going to happen if blizzard makes the decision to progress to bc. We dont know whether it will even happen but if you are ok with rolling over to bc then perform on these servers. IF you would like to forever stay on a WoW Classic server and not progress to bc visit hosts A, b or c. Again nothing is set in stone. We dont know if we will act on this but it gives us the option in two years once we will inevitably have to make a choice to roll over to bc"This way and when the time comes to advance into bc, server wont be disrupted with buy wow classic gold  individuals transfering out and in and you dont have to begin new new servers. That is only supposed to give Blizzard a choice for down the street when this issue arises.